By William Markiewicz

A few days ago Bush declared that one half of Al-Qaeda had been destroyed. A few days later we learn that they've grown by the thousands. We also learn from expert sources that "Iraq war helped boost Al Qaeda." So much for Bush's: "Mission Accomplished." I think we are so used to Bush's blunders that we don't pay much attention to them anymore. After the succession of terrorist acts in Israel, the habitual believer in force alone, Sharon, declared that to favour the peace process he'll practice restraint -- something absolutely out of character for him. Considering the sources, it is nothing less than an admission of defeat. Could they have finally come to understand that their war cannot be won? For anybody else this revelation would have come sooner. It took them time to understand that you can't avoid your own losses by making war at a distance with bombs and that you can't attack one half of the planet simply because you name them terrorists. And because their own civilians refuse to accept their own losses, Bush and Sharon will be obliged to introduce a new term to their vocabulary: negotiations.

Bush and Sharon have underestimated the danger of the huge number of enemies that bombs will not eradicate. Huge masses get used to living dangerously and find mutual psychological support in their impressive number. And what's more, their deadly power increases because they are not necessarily a homogenous enemy. The danger lies in the fact that they can be partially or totally independent of each other. One group may be smaller but crazier than the other and create major havoc. Being small, they're hard to pinpoint. To retaliate means to hit blindly, thus only increasing the number of extremist factions.

How could the NWO have expected that bloody repression would frighten a countless urban youth population that is excited precisely by greater risk and hardship? This type of misjudgment is typical of those who see only their own side of the picture and refuse to enter the enemy's mentality, an essential requirement for winning a war.

Bush and Sharon join the long line of losers who believed blindly in their force, like Saddam, Hitler, Kaiser Wilhelm, Napoleon... With just a little common sense and a cool head, they'd have seen that they could not win. They'd be able to "accomplish the mission" (Bush's: "mission accomplished") if they attacked enemies like Yugoslavia, Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, Iran, North Korea (Lichtenstein?...), but facing an enemy from everywhere and nowhere, and facing their own civilians who cannot bear their own losses, how far and how long can they continue? Perhaps long enough to irreversibly damage the planet.

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