By William Markiewicz

President Bush congratulated the seamen on the aircraft carrier with: "Mission accomplished." The most absurd mission in history was accomplished. First they breed terror then they fight it like hunters who release animals into the wild to hunt later. Facing the planetary hunter's overwhelming power, the defeated who opt for cooperation claim that there is no other choice and all they can do is to try for the best possible deal in the worst of situations. Many of them are sincere and their reasoning may have value. Some of them overdo their submission, like Serbia's Djindjic who was an enthusiastic quisling. He raised Machiavellianism into an ideology. He couldn't sow sympathy and instead harvested hatred that cost him his life. Reluctant quislings like Kostunica indeed have no choice. What hope can they hold for the future? We know from history and from natural history that the predator stays where there is something to gain. If Iraq, sooner or later Iran, and Saudi Arabia, are doomed, the others who have nothing to offer can reasonably assume that the predator will get bored, tired of this gratuitous manifestation of power and will simply drop off the stage. After all, this is what Europe did in the past; abandoning the colonies when it was no longer worthwhile to maintain them.

In Europe giving up colonies gave birth to an ideology: anticolonialism. Then the Marshall Plan gave a rare historical example of well-meant idealism. Both examples -- anticolonialism and the Marshall Plan -- gave a false picture to Milosevic, and before that to Gorbachev, that some meaningful change had really occurred in the pattern of History. They were not Darwinist enough to be aware that power's drive is still the leading force in History and that certain old alliances resist time better than others.

Neocolonialism has little in common with the previous colonialism. Past colonialism had historical, economic roots. It was a period that had to disappear once colonies became more burdensome than profitable. Ideology probably helped also. The current neocolonialism is a completely different story. It is a sick return to pure Darwinism, anachronistic at our present stage of civilization. Our civilization favors cooperation over competition which has very little to offer anybody except the sick power-hungry-bored-with-peace Darwinistic wolves. This will lead toward centuries of bloody struggles for freedom and even survival when final solutions and the fight against terrorism unite here and there.

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