By William Markiewicz

In one of my previous articles I quoted the Polish children's joke: "Dudek looks at the moon through a magnifying glass and the moon turns around and shows Dudek its ass." Why do I use this image again? Because now we're all being mooned:

Milosevic believed in legitimacy, Gorbachev believed in chivalry, Saddam and Iran's Ayatollahs believed in the world's everlasting patience, the countless crowds demonstrating for peace believed in the power of their numbers. Those dreams are over. Now, Democracy, in its NWO version, shows the world its ugly ass.

If Iraq and Iran have abused the patience of democracy they weren't alone -- except in being punished. Normal democracy would not destroy its own image by applying arbitrary punishments with a hidden agenda. In Afghanistan, the eternal, archaic Pashtuns were smashed indiscriminately and totally out of proportion to their involvement. Iraq is destroyed and occupied under the phony pretext of weapons of mass destruction. Iran may be destroyed and occupied under the phony pretext of Al Queda. For today's democracy of the bare ass, no proofs are needed; the august verdict is good enough. Now we have all learned what we should have known long ago: All closed societies, from junior high schools to prisons, know that to survive and survive well you have to be either powerful or inconspicuous. And what is the world of today if not a big closed society?

Milosevic just stuck to the letter of the law; how could he know that the old solidarities among the formerly defeated would survive and take revenge over the former winners? The defeat of the Serbs was consummated sixty years after WW2. Iran's rigid militant Islamism, imposing its power beyond its frontiers with fatwas, has created hostility in the world and the NWO now reaps the fruits of it. Saddam wanted to swallow a bone too big for his throat. Osama Bin Ladin wanted to scare the world with spectacular acts and the picture of the dragon has outgrown the potential of the dragon.

Democracy hasn't passed the test for survival. It started to die when PR killed diplomacy, when war became the predominant model of action; that's how the world, through the NWO, became a playground for bullies.

What's next? There will be no shock of cultures; in the NWO, cultures are dead already. The future probably prepares us for a constant fight between the raging bully and the hidden venomous snakes. The main victims will continue to be civilians amidst mounting general deterioration. How much bombing can the air, the water and the earth endure?

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