By William Markiewicz

Simply by putting your gray matter to the use it was made for: thinking.

Colin Powell, on TV, declared to sedated public opinion that Hamas has to be destroyed and not negotiated with because Hamas is a terrorist organization whose goal is to destroy Israel.

Refusing to negotiate with somebody who wishes to destroy is not a political but a demagogical argument. Hamas cannot destroy Israel just as Osama could not destroy the United States. Terror can harm, can damage, create a lot of pain but not destroy a State. There is a very thin line separating guerillas from terror. Terror is a criminal procedure, still the most honorable institutions use all kind of crime, tolerate crime, and remain protected from sedated public opinion by the controlled media. Let's not forget that it is PR agencies, not terrorism, that make and remake history. Those who have no other means at their disposal may use terror and it is up to the authorities to decide if they accept to talk with them or persist in the wish to destroy them.

Regarding the Palestinians, they are basically under two authorities: one shadow authority, which is the official Palestinian government, and the other, the real authority, which is Hamas. If Bush and Sharon want to play games among themselves and with world opinion they will persist in their stubborn wish to negotiate exclusively with the shadow authority and ignore the real authority, believing that time plays against the Palestinians. Maybe I'm wrong but in my view you can destroy a small society of kamikazes but cannot drive a nation of kamikazes into submission.

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