By William Markiewicz

Lets imagine a sci-fi scenario in which intelligent microbes take over the world. What's the first thing they'd do? They would eliminate hygiene. It would be a logical step in the microbes' interests, right?

We favor spreading the virus of terror by impeding sanitation in rotten political situations. The Dalai Lama has warned that the only efficient way to struggle against terrorism is to eliminate the frustrations that lead to it. Instead of falling for the PR experts' brainwashing about "unavoidable shock of cultures", why don't we listen to the obvious wisdom emanating from those "exotic" cultures? After all, the Dalai Lama and many others speak of prevention. Why don't we use this familiar notion of hygiene in politics as well?

Throughout history we gave preference to our beliefs over perceived reality. We catch the cat by the tail and we're surprised that it bites. Our culture, science, civilization haven't freed us from the rooted belief that history is a fight between good and evil, and our side is the good of course. We continue to believe in this demagogical notion of " cultures shock." The terrorist attack against America was not an attack against the 'American Satan' (science fiction) but to break American support for Likud's policy.

Lets look more closely at this cliche slogan that hypnotizes public opinion in the West: 'the goal of the Islamic masses, fanaticized by their clergy, is to destroy Western civilization.' To start, Iraq doesn't fit the formula; the fundamentalists-but-good Muslim allies of the USA consider Saddam Hussein an atheist, which he perhaps is. When peace finally came to Iraq after Saddam's disastrous Kuwait campaign, the people celebrated on the streets of Baghdad, drinking alcohol from bottles in front of TV cameras. Not very Islamic, is it? The women have free access to education and to all professions. Illiteracy has been eliminated. Where is "the alien culture?" In Saddam's dictatorship? So were Stalin, Hitler, Mussolini, Franco, Salazar... His problems started when he attacked American interests in Kuwait. He opened a Pandora's Box and the smell of his oil fields now draws the attention of the NWO. "Iraq has to be nuked (and Iran, and Syria...), because they are too powerful..." Would Iraq be safer if armed with bows and arrows? It reminds me of a children's poem about the spider who explains: "Why do I hate the flies? Because they have wings..."

Lets talk now about this dangerous Islamic power represented by various phantom-like organizations and their phantom-like leaders. Phantom-like, because they are established nowhere and can appear everywhere. This lack of specific location gives opportunity to attack them according to the NWO's whim. In the end, the reasons for striking have little to do with fighting terror but more to do with the political "terraforming" of the planet. If the USA seriously considered the fight against terror, it wouldn't openly support Likud's hardline. For the American politicians, terror, no matter how spectacular, will always be a mosquito bite. Israel cannot live under constant terror. If, with Likud, they continue to ignite it, it's because "the Jews have always been bad politicians" as Marshall Pilsudski used to say.

Lets look at another question: how strongly rooted are those fundamentalist organizations in the Islamic world? Much less than the official Western propaganda claims. Culturally we're all Americanized, no matter the geography. The masses just wait for an opportunity to reveal their true face. In Europe the masses were united around the Church, resisting unpopular regimes, especially under Communism. Once Communism fell, the Church lost the masses' support. In the times of idyllic negotiations between Rabin and Arafat, the Islamists had no power whatever. The Israeli Taliban who killed Rabin and the acts of Likud and settler commandos have ignited a spectacular resurrection of Islamism and terror, and not vice versa. Once the settler commandos disappear from where they shouldn't be, the ghosts of terror will disintegrate almost overnight. In my opinion the relief of the Palestinian masses will be stronger than their hatred and desire for vengeance. After all, nobody wants to see their beloved ones become kamikaze. But because of the NWO and their PR experts, everything will remain as it is, and the "forces of good" will continue political terraforming of the planet's face.

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