By William Markiewicz

Whom to believe if all the information concerning foreign matters is in the hands of PR experts? No single diplomatic effort is deployed to relocate the Israeli settler commandos; this would halt terrorism and establish permanent peace in the Middle East. Bush burns with desire not only to bomb but to nuke Iraq. We are constantly told that Iraq is now the most dangerous country for civilization. Other dangers are the international terror directed by some phantomlike ill-located super mafia. We live in science fiction. What makes me doubt this terrorist world menace is the total uselessness of it. When "evil" wins, it will be an empty victory, just for the satisfaction of hitting the enemy. If the forces of "good" win, they will have unlimited oil, draw the borders according to their whims, and freedom to dispose of life and death over entire populations.

Somebody once said, "whatever can happen will happen." Racak worked so it may happen again.

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