By William Markiewicz

Quantum theorists don't have to understand phenomena inaccessible to human reasoning (Niels Bohr's famous quote: "Ladies and gentlemen, I don't understand one single word of what I say to you"). Democracy operates under Democratic laws, Fascism under Fascist laws, Communism under Communist law. But how to call a regime that operates, in the name of "national security," above and beyond its own established laws?

Somebody is caught who apparently has an idea to manufacture a kitchen table "dirty" bomb. President Bush, from the heights of his expertise, defined Jose Padilla "a bad guy, and he is where he needs to be - detained." There is not sufficient evidence to charge him, as Donald Rumsfeld said, but still enough reasons to keep him in jail indefinitely without the legal protection normally accorded accused criminals. He is arbitrarily denied the Constitutional right to exist as a citizen and human being.

If the "political animals" do not react against arbitrary perpetual detentions because "it is done for the public good," then who will protect them and us, simple mortals, from "legal" disappearance from streets and homes? For how long will it still be safe to have an opinion?

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