By William Markiewicz

U.S. endorses preemptive strikes (The Washington Post, June 10)

Can you imagine a system that holds the planet under total control? Only Medieval rulers, today's mad scientists, immature politicians, or brainwashed "political animals" believe in such nonsense. Global security where negotiations are superfluous because successfully replaced by force is a dictator's dream. We could wish that this mentality were a relic of humanity in diapers. Such a system will never exist. We can't "disinfect" the planet's earth, air, and waters; that would be equivalent to eliminating life on the planet. When the NWO starts to bomb and nuke the Third World -- source of terror -- the Third World won't be able to retaliate with their kamikaze and their poor, more or less 'dirty', devices. They will die en masse and it will not do us any good. In "cleansing" the planet, we will contaminate the planet. Future generations may expect huge death rates from radiation, hunger, etc. or life with impossible mutations and degeneration. The notion of pristine nature will quickly disappear from memory, people will eat rats as a delicacy, and the PR experts will explain to the "political animals" that all is for the best in this best of all possible worlds, that it has always been like this. The small snowball that provokes the avalanche is usually quickly forgotten. Who remembers, even now, that "global terrorism" started with the death of Rabin, and that elimination of the settler commandos from Palestinian territories would quickly cut short global terrorism without this absurd global mobilisation. Such 'disinfection' was never necessary in the past; the prophets and dictators who advocated it have disappeared from history's stage. There is still time to stop this madness. If the "browns" are ready to die for freedom, the "whites" of the NWO are ready to sacrifice the planet for their lust for power. Only Europe can stop this madness if it dares to openly challenge the Bushes' New World Order.

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