By William Markiewicz

In the article, "Croatia ...". WP readers will reach the lines where a travel article is used as a platform for political propaganda (June 16, page E01). I don't discuss the details, with which I disagree, but mostly its general spirit. I sent the following protest to the Editors:

In Islam in the past and perhaps in some countries in the present, for a man to divorce a woman it was enough to repeat three times "I divorce" and the divorce was complete. How can the Washington Post or anybody else as a matter of fact, claim that anybody could 'divorce' in such a way from Yugoslavia while, God forbid, they can't do it in any other country in the world; not in the States, not in Canada, not in France, not in Spain, the list is long. Can you imagine that Canada would just let Quebec separate by saying "I divorce" three times?! Would there have been a Civil War in the U.S. if this "sacred rite" had existed for the Southern U.S. Can Catalonia and Basque country divorce Spain, Corsica -- France, etc. There had never even been a proposal to negotiate for independence in Yugoslavia. Milosevic "dictator" didn't have time to say "no" before Croatia had already in fact separated with the generous help of Germany. Also, when Bosnia separated on its whim with the generous help of NATO, the separatists didn't need to negotiate because the whole world decided that Yugoslavia had no right to exist! This kind of intervention in the internal matters and integrity of a small country is without precedent in the civilized world and creates a dangerous precedent for the future.

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