By William Markiewicz

Normally, the NWO would take Pakistan's side; after all Kashmir is Muslim, but it isn't a matter of justice, only of real politics. India was important to the West in the times when spices were dearer than gold, now it's the Muslim world that counts. The NWO would gladly offer Kashmir on a silver plate to Pakistan as it offered Serbian ancestral lands on a silver plate to Muslims in the Balkans. The NWO needs to win over all the Muslims they can; that's why they procrastinate about attacking Iraq. In exchange, they hope to obtain a free hand, mostly in the Middle East. Up to now, the Islamists and Arabs have said no to the bargain.

But India has a master card in hand: they proclaim to the world that they are fighting terrorism, which they do, and the NWO, cannot tolerate terror against India while fighting it at home. The NWO is trapped in the net of its own rhetoric. India will probably be allowed to attack and win the most ferocious and useless of wars; useless because whatever the result, Kashmir will remain Muslim, an eternal sore for India.

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