By William Markiewicz

After the latest attack in Jerusalem, we saw that Israeli public opinion blames everything on premature withdrawal from occupied territories and now wants the army to reoccupy the territory and "finish the job."

What do they mean by "finish the job"? If their hope is to catch the terrorists, that's equivalent to hunting ghosts. Terrorists are always ghosts, only their results are tangible. I may be wrong, I've been wrong before, but I suspect that the reoccupation will have to pass over the barricade of the whole population's living bodies -- women, children, elders included. Will it be another Numancia, another Warsaw Ghetto, another Masada, this time extended over cities and villages? Sharon is not a man of thought but a man of action. He goes ahead like a hot knife in butter. The whole world will feel guilty but it isn't the world that will pay; Palestinians and Israelis will pay. The job may be 'finished', as the Israelis express it. But the question remains: which job? Who will inherit and plow over the ruins and corpses? We don't know but the hot knife may drown in the butter.

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