By William Markiewicz

The killer with a cause usually targets specific victims: national enemies, class enemies, etc. Timothy McVeigh brushed off the killing itself as collateral damage. For him, destruction of the building that housed the institution was a symbolic act, more important than the life that swarmed under the institution's umbrella.

Another amazing fact is that for the murderer the nationality of the victims didn't matter; no feelings for his 'compatriots.' This indifference toward 'your own blood' is possible only in the country of immigrants where the notion of 'your own blood' hasn't had time to develop. 'Blood' is a euphemism because what really counts is the length of history, a matrix forging national and ethnic solidarity.

What do those rebels really want? Do they really want a return to the Wild West lifestyle, where everybody made his own justice and the sharpshooter was king? Without society organized on a larger scale, who would take care of airports, highways, how would people exchange and communicate? How would industry, universities, cultural institutions, etc. be created and function? Or maybe they want to eliminate this from their life as well? The communes like hippies, patriots, kibbutz, kolkhoses, etc. can only contain a small number of dwellers. So, what do they propose for the larger society?

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