By William Markiewicz

Delivering Milosevic to The Hague is like delivering a Jew to the Gestapo. The Jew would rather chose death and I feel Milosevic would too. Yugoslavia yields Milosevic just as the church in Panama yielded Noriega to those who wore the toga of accuser and judge simultaneously. Public opinion was indifferent to this travesty of justice; who cared anyway about Panama and Noriega?

Europe, on the other hand, draws world attention. A lot of people believe in the justice of The Hague Court like many believed in Hitler and Stalin's justice when they held power. History belongs to the powerful, who forge the truth. Sometimes winners and the truth match each other, but not more now than then.

Milosevic joins a chain of martyrs, like Lumumba, Allende ... I don't add Noriega to the list because it was a case of straightening accounts between boss and paid agent. Lumumba behaved with dignified disdain, like a hero, when a laughing soldier pulled him by the hair in front of the TV cameras. We will never know how Lumumba died or how long his agony lasted.

Mass graves found in Belgrade -- how convenient and what good timing ... I'll believe it only if observers from all sides are immediately allowed on the sites. Meanwhile a countless number of Serbs are ignored, rotting in anonymous graves in Kosovo, Krajina, Bosnia, in all those places where 'Serbienrein' has occurred.

Will Yugoslavia be paid for delivery of Milosevic as promised? Losers aren't paid and promises given to the weaker are not honored. Macedonia, for money, allowed Nato to use its territory for the bombing of Yugoslavia and then begged loud and long for payment. Did they succeed in collecting?

The Yugoslav government, most of Nato and The Hague, know well that they manipulate history using an innocent man. Rambouillet and Dayton were not treaties but cynical games played on the back of the defenseless, like the bombing of Yugoslavia was not war but massacre. Markale and Racak were fictions.

Are we now witnessing the beginning of poetic justice as 'Albanian friends and allies' twist the noses of Nato and Macedonia?

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