By William Markiewicz

Cheney declares that preserving the American lifestyle is more important than protecting the environment and more energy must be produced to meet U.S. needs. Bush declares that rogue countries oblige him to skip the missile treaty and proceed with the new laser based missile shield program. The problem is that there is no rogue strong enough to save the planet and his own sky from an eventual rain of bombs. But there are enough remaining 'rogues' whose riches may be coveted. Who will be attacked and when is only a matter of time. Such a steadily produced quantity of assault weaponry, unparalleled in history, cannot remain unused forever. The arms race is inevitable and lost in advance by Russia and China. One Russian told me what he heard from his friend, a high ranking Russian military man: "We may not have enough nuclear forces to protect ourselves and to counterattack, but we have enough power and technology to drill to the center of the earth and blow up the planet." Is this how our saga should end; with the ultimate Kamikaze blow?

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