the Most Terrifying Weapon

By William Markiewicz

Terror is the nuke of the poor, like posters and flyers are the mass media of the poor. Kamikaze terror is the most terrifying revenge of the street. What options does Israel have?

First Israel must replace the present inept revenge team with new faces ready to accept the Arab reality. Then it will have to choose between the two only remaining alternatives:

1. Israel permits the return of Arab refugees, thus eliminating the Jewish character of the state, and Israel (if this name persists) will become one of those uncomfortable multiethnic federations like Bosnia, Macedonia, Lebanon... or
2. Israel reduces itself voluntarily to its exclusively Jewish territories, and becomes a state-cum-fortress, ready to apply the "eye for an eye" stance toward its neighbours. This would eliminate terror because any aggression coming from outside is not terror but war. If Israel had accepted reality earlier, the solutions would not now be so harsh and limited.

In my opinion, Israel can take a giant step toward peace without even needing to negotiate with Palestinians. They have to find courage and determination to act unilaterally. All they have to do is to leave Palestinian territory, to get the hell out. The problem will practically disappear by itself. Any act of terror will then be an act from outside, meaning war, not terror. And if Israel absolutely insists on building settlements along the Palestinian frontier the way NATO builds a steel chain along Russia's border, they will be free do so but on Israeli, not Palestinian, territory. They'll have to shift a little bit from the present position. After all, NATO's positions are outside, not inside Russia. They don't need Palestinian permission or blessing to leave the Old City of Jerusalem where they are dominators, and they can keep the settlers happy without pecking off the crumbs of Palestinian territory.

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