Notion of God

By William Markiewicz

If we link self-awareness to the perception of reality then we reflect ourselves in reality as in the mirror. In this way reality, objective in itself, is different for everybody. For one it is a battlefield, for another a prison, for still another a garden of delights. It is not possible to define reality outside of ourselves. Unique and objective reality could exist only for somebody outside of reality, God perhaps.

The believers' attitude to their fate escapes analysis; it's impossible for them to rationally explain why it is a sin not to believe. And for whom is faith more important? For God or for the believer? I wouldn't even try to answer this question; the only thing certain for me is that faith should be a very intimate personal matter. Still, for the majority of believers it is a matter of family tradition and they consider it to be the best way. As one believer expressed to me: "first we pray, then we believe." I like the poetry of this "blind date" with God, still skepticism shouldn't be interpreted as defiance, but simply as the attitude of somebody who tries to avoid gratuitous opinions. We should have the moral and intellectual right to reject the authority of any prophets, apostles or gurus who pass on teachings from one generation to another without getting information from the 'first source.'

Believers have a point when they say that non-believers invoke God in moments of crisis and reject Him once the crisis is over; cowardice alternating with hypocrisy. Even if appearances may favour such a judgement, in reality it doesn't have to be so. Fear is in the emotions not the mind. Once coolness returns, one has a right to ask oneself: "will I ever have any evidence that I was helped? No!" Still, for ethical reasons, for self-respect, whoever has invoked God in a moment of weakness should never in the moment of strength attack the idea of God, nor anybody's beliefs. It isn't a matter of God's existence or not; it's our intellectual moral integrity that is at stake. At each moment of our life we put on a waiting list all that remains of the rest of our lives. By the very fact that we stop judging we leave a place for God on this list. He doesn't take so much space.

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