By William Markiewicz

After 50 years of existence Israel hasn't achieved the capacity to survive on its own. Marshall Pilsudski, who ruled Poland in the twenties and was so pro-Jewish that the anti-Semites called him "the Jewish uncle", once declared that "the worst politicians in the world are the Jews, and the Poles come next." In spite of appearances, Jewish influence on the American political scene is negligible. They don't have the number power they need to lobby successfully like the Blacks and the Latins for example. Their influence is rather on the top political spheres and mostly among Democrats. Among the Republicans, and especially in the rising ultra-Conservative wing, the Jews, to put it delicately, are not very popular. Time works for the Arabs and only the Jews don't seem to notice it. If the Republicans win, it may be one more piece of unexpected bad news in Jewish history.

During the Cold War, Israel was an asset for the US. Now the USA eyes the Arabs and Turkey. The enemies the US has in the region are: the not very effective Saddam Hussein, Iran, and the Mujahadeen. Israel is a deterrent to none of them. Instead of hanging on to American life support, the Israelis should give all the disputed territories to the Arabs and concentrate their efforts on making themselves indispensable in the Middle-Eastern economy. Economical alliances are the most sure, and Israelis, with their know-how combined with the limitless Arab petrodollar resources, can achieve "miracles." Not much time remains. 

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