Power Dressed as Justice

By William Markiewicz

Throughout history people have been united or separated either by justice or by power. If law remains sustained by power, justice disappears. Power and law are more attracted to each other than power and justice. The world's media, in the name of law, claimed that Russia attacked Georgia without mentioning that Russia was defending Ossetia. Georgia represented law, while Ossetia was "only" people. In the name of Law, Europe and the USA defend a united Ukraine, because eastern Ukraine is inhabited "only" by a different ethnie. Eastern Ukrainians are an ethnie because they are Orthodox and Russian speaking. Never was an ethnie put so far below the law; justice has totally disappeared. Years ago, in the Balkans, justice took the opposite direction; legal Yugoslavia disappeared in favour of ethnies, which nota bene didn't need Western help to separate, they were ready to do it by themselves like the Czechs and Slovaks for example. But the "Powerful, Legal and Just" West had other things in mind and put its ugly fingers in it. The legitimate leaders like Karadzic, Mladic, Seselj rot in prison for life. Will justice prevail in Ukraine? Only the Law of the Powerful will prevail.

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