By William Markiewicz

Regarding the economy, to achieve a successful relationship between supply and demand, general collaboration will be more effective than the present race for jobs and markets. It will be a giant step toward avoiding crises like Chaos, Depressions. inflation, stock markets speculations, lotteries... Humanity would be better assessed by controlling its populations' number instead of multiplying uncontrollably, as it goes now. We must also take into consideration the conditions of the globe we live on; not only humanity and its necessities, but humanity and ecology.

I remember one interview with the Dalai Lama where he said, “Humanity must unite.” This is exactly what I am talking about. To live well, some political mentality must arise where relationships will be based not on fights for superiority, as happens now in negotiations between Unions and bosses, or as in the UN, where the “smarter” or more powerful wins.

Another topic concerns survival of the weaker. Somebody asked me: will the Jews be able to save themselves from the disappearing? My answer came like a whip lash: I don't know. Only Israel can last longer because it’s aware and prepared. Other Jewish societies across the world depend on Democracy which comes and goes. Maybe only societies organized in the states can take their security in their own hands. Today, the Jews enjoy some advantages here and there but they don’t realize how their safety is flickering even in places where Jews are considered numerous and safe. How could they defend themselves simultaneously in New York, Los Angeles, Atlanta … To be able to defend itself, a population must have two imperatives: strong in numbers and good natural conditions. The Pashtun in today’s Afghanistan could successfully defend themselves against Alexander the Great. During World War Two some Nazi General said, ‘Switzerland is no big thing; take away the mountains and not too much remains.’ But, the mountains are there and no one will take them away. The Jews could only maintain resistance in apartments here and there, like in the Warsaw Ghetto. What else remains? The world is neither “good nor bad” It’s Darwinian because it can’t be anything else.

If Israel's Netanyahu stubbornly holds onto defacto occupation of the West Bank, perhaps he does it because he knows more than we do; maybe he wants to be prepared for neo Nazi upheavals and dispose of territory where he can accept the escaping Jewish masses? If yes, then he may deserve more respect than simple accusations of nationalistic voracity.

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