"Fewer Museums and More Concentration Camps?"

By William Markiewicz

There are professors of so-called conservative bent who condemn democracy as ‘apathetic’ while humanity apparently would be ‘saved’ by dictatorships. This is a theory of how humanity will expand and “the brightest of them” will continue to build mega-industries, “sources of jobs”, and ever increasing consumption, at the globe’s expense, of course. Jules Verne wrote that if the planet were made of coal humanity would burn the earth under its feet. Greed is the main motivator that would cover the globe with mega-towers at the expense of trees, poisoning oceans. Most food would be ersatz and made through biological engineering. The natural taste would disappear and finally humanity would intoxicate itself like the Romans, who apparently were poisoned by the lead pipes that carried their drinking water.

Another source, not listened to, is the Dalai Lama whom I quoted in the article, About Survival.” He said: “Humanity must unite.” A united humanity would voluntarily reduce its numbers, to reduce the unlimited mega-devourers and intoxicators of the planet. Supply and demand must diminish; instead of the present suicidal rate of production/devouring. Humanity, for its own good, must have its own niche instead of being emperor of the planet. A while ago I wrote, “Down the Ladder” (2011), to show how, already in the present, our quality of life is drastically reduced, but it is still possible to make a U-turn.

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