By William Markiewicz

The Republicans reproach Obama that he lets the Europeans surpass the U.S. in the intervention in Libya, and Obama is obviously tired of the U.S. role as gendarme of the world. Obama's U.S. doesn't reject participation in world affairs but participation doesn't have to mean leadership. Americans are tired of spilling blood for causes not their own. Obama's attitude reminds the rest of the world that they also bear responsibility in envisioning the universe and their own role in it.

Sympathizers with Gaddafi underline that he is a good manager of his country. Libya's prosperity seemingly surpasses its neighbors. But, the same has been said about Hitler. Here we come to the basic question. What's more important, prosperity or freedom? The simple answer is: both of them are equally important. If you are used to freedom, and even if you are not, how can you figure out a life in a country where you can't express your thoughts and, you may tremble over false accusations and be arrested, tortured, maybe killed. Living in freedom is the only alternative for the civilized human being. So, even if Gaddafi satisfied people's bellies, it's not a reason to fall in love with him as he claims. Who is for Gaddafi and his Libya? Gaddafi has money, meaning all the people and all the weaponry he could wish for. Nobody asked the foreign anti-Gaddafis to smash Gaddafi; this role belongs to his own people. To avoid that the helpers become abusers in their turn, mature populations should control freedom of the media .

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