By William Markiewicz

In Florida, one Minister of a small church burned the Koran. In response an Afghan crowd butchered innocent foreigners, not just Americans but other nationalities also. Let's put things in their place: the Americans can do what they want when they are at home. As for those Afghans, they are as they are and the best way to ensure oneself is not to be there.

What are Americans, Westerners, looking for in Afghanistan or Iraq? Why do they risk their lives with practically no profit; on the contrary. The Soviet Union wisely rid itself of its empire. What does America do? In its turn they build their own empire for empty reasons, for prestige. Leave those killers alone. Don't mix with them. Their religion is absolutist. The most common punishment is death, with or without reason because, if changing religion is a reason for death then where is God's basic gift of free will? They replace the will of God with their own will; let them do it among themselves and only among themselves. I am sorry for their women who apparently remain hopelessly enslaved and for their animals also. As for the 'infidels', they should leave.

I cannot analyse Islam because I don't know too much about it. I'd like to know more. For me it is a rather difficult task because I am not a heavy reader of religious literature. I know only that there are various currents in Islam which certainly makes things more complicated but all this is really their affair. No Infidel should mix in their interior matters. The reverse is also true. The 'fidels' should not impose their inquisitory rules in other countries where those were rejected long ago.

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