By William Markiewicz

Itís impossible to defeat Gaddafi without using planes and heavy weapons. He dominates just as Franco did in the Spanish Civil War. Obama hasnít taken a military decision because he knows that Gaddafi, even defeated, will find a way to soak American soil with American blood. Americans may have enough of spilling American blood for non-American causes. If he acts, Obama will be held responsible for American blood and if he doesnít Obama will be judged a meek President who uses words instead of action. The USA has grown to the status of Empire which brought nothing but troubles and useless prestige. This "empire" status involved the USA in bloody matters with no benefits. In the past American public opinion was wishy-washy because the designated adversaries were relatively inoffensive. Gaddafi is the first really dangerous one because, as the Polish saying goes, when he punches he doesn't distinguish between the head and the groin. The West hoped that the Libyan rebels would win by themselves, allowing the good democrats in the West to get away with compliments and humanitarian help. Gaddafi escapes criteria; he is not a fanatical Muslim because, at least officially, Al Qaeda and its like oppose him. Westerners don't know how to catalog him. He is a Private Himself, a private God, who knows how to exchange money for power and turn population into ground meat. The USA perhaps could escape from its self created hell by returning to "glorious isolation" so it cannot hurt itself and others with its "empire status."

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