By William Markiewicz

In current conditions, probably not. The USA officially declares that Israel is an ally. If the Israeli government considered reciprocity, the situation would be different in general. But the majority of the Israeli population doesnít show political vision so Likud is not preoccupied with a bilateral alliance but looks for immediate advantage in the political situation, even at the expense of U.S. interests. It is acknowledged that the US can no longer consider the Arab bloc per nogam but, as de facto world leader, must keep friendly relations with everybody, Arabs included. Everybody knows the Arabs' importance with their geo-strategic position and their oil. I think it was Obama who said that Israel needs a mirror to save it from itself. Israel refuses to look in the mirror. Israel, feeling secure in support of American Judaism and in Israeli societyís self confidence, follows its Likud political and military dominance. Itís enough to page through history to see that Likudís hopes and self confidence have no basis in the past. Israel is too small to defy the world. Are a few hectares on the West Bank and East Jerusalem worth risking the existence of a State even if the catastrophic results wonít appear immediately? Not only the United States but the United Nations pressure Israel to change its policy. The US must feel relieved. If the U.S. keeps solidarity with the United Nations, world criticism of the U.S. will disappear and the U.S. will find it easier to bear the alliance with Israel.

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