By William Markiewicz

Many years ago in Europe, I heard a woman comment: "If they want chastity from priests why they don't castrate them?" I was young and idealistic, and even though not religious, I found it trivial to think of surgically resolving a problem that should be resolved by religion itself. I thought, naively, that fighting sexual desire was, for the devout, a way to purity and to access some Grace. I didn't realize then that a suffering life may embody the longest notion of time after eternity. Presently, with advances in lifestyle, like nutrition, education, communication, individuals are growing more sensitive, more demanding, less resistant to pain. This may be why abuses of the weaker -- children, women, sick, prisoners -- are more frequently exposed than before. Let’s also not forget that all enclosed places and institutions have always been a focus for more or less horrifying abuse as I wrote in "The Pity and the Horror" – Vagabond Pages. Much effort is currently devoted to research on how to improve life conditions on the planet. I would suggest that traditionally enclosed societies like monasteries, sects, barracks, circuses, orphanages, prisons, hospitals, etc, should be more transparent to control by law. In this case, ‘Big Brother’ is not watching at all.

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