By William Markiewicz

The U.S. and the all-powerful others remain scared of anybody, no matter how small or weak, if they manifest nuclear ambition and potential. North Korea, Iran are displayed as dangers to world peace.

Imagine the Bengal Tiger with nuclear power and a Chihuahua with nuclear power. Which of them is more dangerous? The Bengal Tiger of course. Because, even if the Chihuahua can reach and hit the Tiger, it knows there will be no second chance -- the surviving Tiger can obliterate the Chihuahua. The Chihuahua simply will not take the risk. The Chihuahua remains Chihuahua and the Tiger remains Tiger.

What is terrorism? It is like an epidemic and you don't shoot microbes, like you don't fight volcanoes with a firehose. You don't fight volcanoes because their power source is beyond our reach. Terrorism, like the epidemic, is on our level though at the bottom of societies.

Terror has at its disposal individual suicider bombers but their strategists never allow terrorism to become a danger to itself. While terrorists are suicidal, terrorism is not. Osama bin Laden declared, 'we are not fighting you for your values we leave alone those who leave us alone. We don't fight Sweden, for instance. ' It is true that some individual immigrants in the West try terrorism, mostly unsuccesful. If you can localize viral sources, you stop the epidemic. Terror will disappear by itself because terror itself is not suicidal and individual suiciders, hungry for martyrdom, will find themselves deprived of leaders when the reasons for war are eliminated. In reality, those who form expeditions to fight terrorism in far away countries feed terrorism that remains an epidemic.

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