From Biology to Politics

By William Markiewicz

Love and Hate may change character, replacing each other. By following the known factors I hope to find the perhaps unexpected factors we donít know or think about. We are born on a planet with various species characterized by a common rule: hierarchy; from the low evolved species to the most sophisticated, they use their skill to defeat and consume the weaker who have their own ways of escaping danger.

We can analyze another aspect of Darwinism, passing from darwinistic interspecies consumerism to the relationships within a species; interior hierarchy of domination to submission. The individuals in decline stop dominating and from the fear and respect they inspired they immediately fall into disdain. As long as the glory lasts, comfort and security last. They can disappear in the blink of an eye.

Here, from biology we pass to social topics. In highly evolved societies like humansí, events are less predictable than among animal species where we know which roles aging or accident play. In human societies we have politics which, with its twisted character (a sophisticated Darwinism), can create long term consequences, not immediately obvious. Historical errors may lead to unexpected results. Napoleon is one of the most obvious examples, not to mention Hitler and Stalin, drowned in blood. History, Darwinistic as it is, always favours the stronger. Among the defeated are various categories of power so we may have the powerful defeated and the weak victors. Disgrace is in the cards for weak victors because time always favours the powerful who may return to power while the weak victor remains weak. So the previous defeated may become, through circumstances -- public relations -- the leader of the dance and, smart as snakes, the previous defeated and todayís powerful have shackled the former victors and todayís weak. Like animals who forget who was domineering and go for the throat, the human masses who forgot the past and remember only the present throw themselves like leeches on the presently weak. In ancient history this is what happened to the Jews and today to the Serbs whom I call the Jews of the 21st century. The defeated, formerly dominant, donít know how to handle their defeat and choose the wrong tactics, like servility, verbal and written defence against lies, not knowing that in the Darwinian Universe they only make the situation worse for themselves. Itís hard to fall from dominant to the ground. Itís very difficult to rise from the ground to respect but, contrary to what happened to the Jews, nobody chased the defeated Serbs from Serbia into the Diaspora. Rather than continuing a fight they cannot win, they can go into splendid isolation casting their disdain on the rest of the world. But they havenít done it; like the Jews in the Diaspora the Serbs are drawn to the illusion that there might be other solutions. There are no other solutions, there never will be one. Can the Serbs make an about face? I still donít know. All I know is that they are not ready to do it.

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