By William Markiewicz

President Obama underlines in his speeches that he will help the governments in Pakistan, Afghanistan and Iraq to coordinate, reinforce, national unity and efficiency. How much do the responsible ones fool themselves and the masses in stubbornly sticking to the established pathways? Pakistan doesn't need help. Afghanistan shouldn't get any help because Afghanistan doesn't exist. Why didn't Yugoslavia work, where everybody was practically the same, mostly divided by religion, and why didn't it work in Czechoslovakia? Yugoslavia didn't need the stupid and criminal attack by the allies; it was on the best way to dissolve peacefully. For how long should the world serve as a playground for the powerful ignoramuses? Iraq is inhabited by three totally separate groups two by religion (Sunni and Shiite) and a totally different ethnie Kurds. In conclusion, what is required as a necessity is that groups that don't want to live together shouldn't be forced. Demographic and territorial rights should prevail over political rights. The separation of Ossetia and Abkhazia from Georgia was the right way. Kosovo is much more complex because the Albanian population grew explosively as a consequence of being favorised in WW2. Therefore, Kosovo shouldn't be independent because it chases away all groups except Albanians, but it should be partitioned to save those Kosovar non Albanians who want to stay and govern themselves. Ulster is inhabited by the genuine Irish local population, the majority Protestant anti Separatist and the minority Catholic and separatist. The minority is sufficiently important to have its rights; Northern Ireland should then be separated. I think that the Basques who want separation should have a right to separation like everybody else because of being different and by willing it. In a separated Afghanistan each group would go its own way Uzbekhs to Uzbekhistan, Kazakhs to Kazakhstan, etc. leaving the only authentic Afghans Pashtun alone. Pashtuns, of whom only a minority is fundamentalist, will get rid of the Taliban by themselves. Artificially holding Afghanistan together only weakens the Pashtun entity and increases the power of the Taliban. Pakistan would have resolved its problem with the Taliban long ago by getting rid of its artificially connected Western in reality non-Pakistani fringe. The Western powers, totally uninformed, maintain an interventionist policy in Southeast Asia with the worst results for everybody. By getting officially involved with the local enemies in Afghanistan, Pakistan and Iraq, the U.S. and the whole West attracts the spectre of terrorism to their grounds and purely local problems grow into international ones. If we have to wait until they understand we will wait a long time; their false pride and their own personal security which they can enjoy more than ordinary citizens may keep them going. Unless the light blesses the collective brain of the followers, we, all of us, can prepare to wait and endure for a long time. In the meantime the media will feed on horrors.

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