By William Markiewicz

In my view, Bush learned from previous unsuccessful conquerors that to win you must be overwhelmingly powerful. Therefore, from the beginning he emphasized to his enthusiastic audience: "We must continually arm ourselves..." I wondered, why the accent on the constant arms buildup; now I know. Normally, war is the last choice but Bush's decisions were never due to necessity, but arbitrary and motivated by ideology if not by pure greed. Iraq was an ideal target because 1) weak, 2) rich in oil. With classic conqueror's tactics, he started the war with unbelievable but believed lies. The richer you are the more you fear for your money. American society, spoiled by comfort and boredom, gave Bush a green card. The past is the past; now he continues the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, no longer for the US’s sake but, so generously, to help Iraqis and Afghans. He defeated the bloody dictator Saddam Hussein and offered Iraqis the freedom to murder themselves indefinitely. Afghanistan would have been at peace long ago since it has little to offer the Americans, but the Pashtun in the south resist ferociously, and the US and its Nato fight there for prestige sake. After all, barefoot desert and mountain dwellers shouldn’t be able stand up to the world empire. The wars cost the U.S. billions and trillions, but Bush can afford it. He took a loan from China and if the time comes that he refuses to repay the debt, what would China be able to do?

Bush’s latest initiative, seemingly modest, a token of "American friendship" like all the others, is supplying arms to the Kosovo Albanians. This isn’t directed against the Serbs -- for Bush, Serbs and Serbia don't even exist. On the scale of global politics, the next steps are all directed against Russia. If somebody whispers a go-ahead to the Albanians, they will use their arms against Serbian "provocations." If Russia offers help to Serbia, the States will take it as a causus belli. And if Russia doesn't intervene, it will be a humiliating admission of weakness facing the US. Russia cannot afford either choice. After the US successfully targeted the satellite from a distance, Russia tried something similar, as far as I remember with no success. The US can hit any missile approaching its territory while Russia cannot claim similar capability. The next war may be to conquer Russia’s riches. It may be the bloodiest war in history, but not particularly long. No Russian "partisans" will be involved against the American nukes. Russia and Europe may suffer the worst consequences, the USA less.

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