By William Markiewicz

This article is mainly about the victorious and the defeated. So, why start with Serbia? Germany was the first defeated after WW2, but this defeat consisted of an occupation with silk gloves among gentlemen. Germany was never insulted, while high ranking foreign politicians and journalists defined Serbians as 'assholes', 'cruel barbarians', with a 'dynasty of pig merchants.' Those pro-Western Serbs who hope to be accepted in the European Union and Nato forget that spit in the face never dries. But this article deals with a broader horizon; we see many conflicts, more or less regional Darfur, Zimbawe, China-Tibet, remnants of ancient colonial wars in Iraq and Afghanistan -- all this potpourri of ethnic, national, religious conflict as 'in the good old days.' But we shouldn't forget that the main potential cataclysm remains within the conflict USA-Russia. We don't know when and how, a lot depends on the next American elections but the outcome is inescapable.

At first sight, we don't see the smashing superiority of the USA. There are so many powers in the world, nuclear powers, besides the US and Russia: China, India, perhaps Israel and even those without nukes present a respectable power show. But what we don't always perceive is that the USA is the only homogenous, practically indestructible projectile, like the sci fi Borgs in their space ship. In that TV series, any damage to their ship could be instantly repaired. The US is in a very similar situation. It has only a few hinterlands with less important military and strategic potential. The rest is heavily industrialized and protected. The most recent manifestation of power was their destruction of the satellite from a huge distance at immense speed. Up to now Russia has never shown this capacity. The US is practically able to destroy all projectiles aimed toward its territory. The rest of the world, including Russia, doesn't have a homogenous territory offering protection to its military potential. All countries, even the heavily armed, have limited concentrated areas that, once destroyed, would leave them practically defenceless. Even a US occupation would be automatized. Human presence is not so necessary. Spy drones, etc. are sufficient to detect and hit the points of danger. No more occupying soldiers exposed to the guerilleros as still happens today in Iraq and Afghanistan.

It is a long story that was not clearly defined: beginnings are anachronistic, modest and not very noticeable. It started with the revenge taken on Serbia, sixty years after Serbia took the Allied side against the Nazis. Serbia and Greece were the only pro Allies in the region. Instead of praise, revenge was taken on Serbia. Nobody takes revenge on Greece because it is in nobody's way. Besides, Serbia entered the historical turmoil surrounded by a swarm of enemies. Kostunica feels clearly that Serbia has no option but Russia as an ally. Of course Serbia may share the fate of Russia but the consequences are not for tomorrow.

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