By William Markiewicz

Israel totally lacks means of defence against the massacre that happened recently in Jerusalem. Defiant Hamas and the delirious joy over the attack among Gazaís population shows that all the Gazans have adopted a suicide bomber attitude. Israel, if they maintain their present approach, will not uproot this attitude. It will be just a perpetual exchange of mutual bloodshed. If the people of Gaza explode with joy at the calamities in Israel, one of the reasons is that they are simply bored. Nothing happens in their life other than their daily misery, lightened only by what hits Israel. The zoo-like, or ghetto like, situation of the millions in Gaza can change only if Israel accords them full freedom of existence. It doesnít mean that Israel has to let attacks go unpunished but Israel can retaliate only through planes. It would be bomb for bomb. Let the Gazans live without the physical presence of Israeli soldiers. I donít like too much predicting, but I am certain that once Gaza feels free of the comings and goings of invading enemy troops and experiences the end the blockade, the situation will change literally in weeks; Gazans will fall in love with their new freedom and general improvement of life. They will quickly forget, like a bad dream, their present misery and they will turn against Hamas, not for love of Israel, but to keep their human conditions. I donít believe that Israel will ever achieve this level of consciousness because it believes in nothing but total revenge. Israel cannot enjoy the same power over Gaza, (and, as a matter of fact, over the West Bank (settlements!)) as the Germans enjoyed in the concentration camps, or the Soviets in the Gulags.

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