By William Markiewicz

Last night, Canadaís Minister of Defence, Peter MacKay, appeared on The National to answer Canadiansí questions about the role of Canadian Forces in Afghanistan. May I add a grain of salt to this discussion as Iíve always done when opportunity arose.

Powers attacking other countries to initiate their own order always attack the weaker; this very fact shows that they are motivated by double standards and hidden agendas. They can call it what they want, their acts are always acts of aggression and the local resisters, however antipathic they are for us, always act in legitimate self defence. There are other ways to fight tyranny than by being "gendarme of the universe." The invaded ones are attacked, not to be punished for their internal policies, but in terms of the imperial interests of the gendarme of the universe. A curious question: Why does world public opinion, so quiet facing the horrifying situations in Iraq and Afghanistan and oppression of Burmese by their own army, Darfur and other oppressions, rise up in rage against China's oppression of Tibet? Where is the logic in this? If the powers were really honest, then even without wars most of the crooked world situations, oppression of women, religions, nationalities, ethnicities, and socially handicapped, would have been resolved long ago through peaceful means.

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