By William Markiewicz

Recently Canadian forces are being accused of turning Taliban prisoners over to Afghans where they are submitted to torture. For a long time we haven’t used the misguided term, “Yugoslavs.” Why are we stubbornly sticking to the term “Afghans”? We have been reminded that Afghanistan is in reality divided in two. In the north, the Northern Alliance – descendants of Genghis Khan’s invaders and presently close allies of Western invaders – dominate. The south belongs to the native Afghans – Pashtuns – from whom the Taliban are recruited. So, the war is not between Afghans and Western invaders, but between Pashtuns and the invaders. When the Canadians deliver the Taliban prisoners to the ‘Afghanis’, who, really, are those Afghanis? Are there Pashtuns in the so-called Afghan army and police? Or, are the Taliban prisoners delivered to their ethnic mortal enemies? This is a fact we have the right to know and I don’t see or hear too much about this basic fact. Of course when we realise that the struggle is between the Pashtun and their old and new enemies who made an alliance among themselves, then the whole war will have a new aspect in Western public opinion.

There is alarming news about global disappearance of the bees. Current research goes toward finding and destroying pathogens that the bees fall victim to. For millions of years the bees existed and prospered wherever they were. Why, suddenly, do we face the presence of pathogens threatening their existence? Research is in the hands of pathologists, veterinarians, whose profession is to find and kill the enemy. Let’s make a little analogy: A few years ago in the Baltic countries, a syndrome was discovered; it attacked small children’s immune systems. It was found that the parents put a strong accent on hygiene, almost totally depriving the children of contact with any contamination from outside. So, through lack of adversaries, the organism lost capacity for self defence and the children were poisoned by all and nothing. The doctors decided to artificially introduce bacteria to children through unavoidably painful injections. Bees always knew how to defend themselves from natural enemies, like everybody else. Why do they need artificial help from pathologists to remain alive? Why not look instead for conditions that make the bees lose their natural resistance? The reason must be human-caused, like the weather changes. Too many human factors change natural conditions. Instead of looking for pathogens in the bees, let’s look for elements that deprive the bees of their natural resistance. There is a science fiction story where the natives have created a clean disinfected planet by killing all life, even in the seas -- is this what we want? A planet disinfected of pathogens where the survivors have to live in bubbles to avoid infecting each other? Let’s live without security and devices and live on a planet protected only – from ourselves.

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