By William Markiewicz

Russia and China, having the right of veto, would probably use it when it comes to a UN vote on Kosovo. China will remember Tibet, and Russia, Chechnya. Personally I favour freedom for everybody. Tibet is a different country and was absorbed into China by force. Chechnya also has a right to independence but they MUST first make a stable peace with Russia so that it doesn’t serve as an anti Russian tool in the future. Even if I remain a Federalist at heart, I think Quebec has the right to independence. But ADQ leader Mario Dumont is pragmatic and Quebecers are obviously with him as shown by the election. Why should they be hot for sovereignty if Canada is bathing in French perfume; Trudeau, Chrétien, Martin, and now, leader of the opposition, Stephane Dion – French from France. Rumour goes that he still holds French citizenship(!) Kosovo, like Quebec, was never a country but the population is more important than administrative criteria. Kosovo can vote for independence but on condition that all the refugees from times before the anti-Serbian war started have the right to return to this province. When this comes about, even if independent Kosovo remains predominantly Albanian, the minorities would be strong enough to defend their political rights and cultural treasures. Of course the EU must have their troops with powers to safeguard democracy. Yes, it’s hard to put troops in an independent country but all should and can be done to avoid genocide. If negotiations between Albanians and the strong minority that returns do not take place it will give an opportunity for all the Holbrookes to push for independence at any time under any conditions.

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