By William Markiewicz

Nobody accused the whole German nation of being responsible for the Holocaust and now the Serbs have become the only nation in History to be accused of genocide. What was wrong with being Yugoslavia? Before WW2 it was a respected Yugoslavia. During the war, Greeks and Serbs were the only allies of Democracy in the Balkans. After the war it was still a respected Yugoslavia. Why has a country recognized by the whole world, suddenly became a pariah? Many separatisms existed and exist and only one criterion is certainly recognized by the world: Nobody can separate without preliminary negotiations; states are not public waiting rooms, ready for comers and goers. In the separation process many things have to be settled: borders, eventual population exchanges, economy, national wealth... But the republics of Yugoslavia decided to separate without negotiations and the whole world enthusiastically took their side. What provoked this collective madness against Yugoslavia? Would the world accept if Quebec, Brittany, Basque country etc. decided to leave without negotiations? Even if they had the power to do it, the rest of the world would not give a blessing.

I’m against conspiracy theories. Still, something strange is happening that can’t be explained rationally and we have to find a rationale for this metaphysical madness. How to explain that everyone, from those who couldn’t find the Balkans on the map to respected politicians, joined the choir against this small country? How could serious politicians call a whole nation “assholes” and the mediaeval Serbian dynasty, ‘cattle merchants’? Yugoslavia resisted being torn apart without negotiations as anybody would do, and, in consequence, hordes of journalists that never left their hotel rooms or coffee tables inundated the world with stories of Serbian atrocities. How did they learn about them? -- By listening to anybody who wanted to speak. Some journalists have confessed that their editors sent them to cover the events with the condition: "bring me something anti-Serb." I allow myself to consider a conspiracy theory which I don't like too much because I remain against them, and therefore I am gladly open to other explanations:

The Serbs and the Greeks are the only ones that during the WW2 took side the Allies’ side and definitely influenced the outcome of the war. Of course they attracted the fury of the Nazis, but in Europe you didn't have to be a hard core Nazi to wish for German victory. The occupation forces left the populations to live their own life as long as they were Aryans and not involved in Resistance, which was marginal. The people didn't care too much about Democracy (it’s the same today). European youth joined the SS in masses, questing for adventure, so the Germans became the minority (Leon Degrelle). The Nazis reserved the harsh, inhuman occupation for the Slavic countries, mostly for racial reasons. After the war, those countless citizens of Europe, who, without being active Nazis, kept their rancor against the Serbs and Greeks for taking the "wrong side" in the conflict, more or less took power in political and administrative fields and made influential friendships throughout the Western world. The Greeks, in their homogenous country, have escaped the curse of separatism and don't pay the consequences of being on the "wrong side." Still, they don't win sympathy and remain "the mean Greeks" in the Cyprus conflict. In Yugoslavia, those separatists who took the "right side" in WW2, 65 years later got their reward in separations without negotiations which was only the beginning of punishment for the Serbs. Why doesn’t world public opinion see this part of the truth? Simply, because those who've lost the war have a better memory than those who won.

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