By William Markiewicz

Iran’s greatest desire is to destroy Israel but Israel may be too tough a cookie for Iran like Iran is starting to be a too-tough cookie for the USA.

After slow results in defeating Iraq and Afghanistan, the N W O seems to have lost its drive to conquer. Iraq was attacked by empire builders for weakness and oil. Afghanistan is a comet of lesser importance drawn into the turmoil. The real dangers like North Korea and Iran may be spared precisely because they are dangerous, having the power they are accused of. In an old children’s verse from Poland the lamb asks the wolves: “By what right do you attack me?” The wolves answer: “You are weak and tasty” and quickly finish their feast..

All the Mid Eastern extremists owe a monument to the Jewish terrorist who killed Rabin. Without this act there would now be peace on earth, as the extremists would remain local and inoffensive. This murderer set off a cancer that multiplied extremists on all sides and changed history.

Bush has a choice: either to attack and create a bloody mess of a magnitude hard to imagine or to take a break on his ranch and wait quietly for the end of his Presidency. As for nuclear Iran, one less one more member will change little in the Club. If Israeli politicians (who are even worse than Bush) would leave the West Bank straight out, Iran would lose its propaganda steam. If the Great Western White Man becomes less great and finally leaves Iraq and Afghanistan to resolve their problems by themselves, the peace we should have had for years may finally arrive. Yes, oppressive regimes in Iraq and Afghanistan and elsewhere can change but not with wars which feed hatred and extremism, but through sanctions that work only in peacetime.

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