By William Markiewicz

Was it Churchill who said that democracy is not so great but the other systems are worse? Probably democracy's greatest quality is that it excludes iron stability of power so there is always a chance that something bad will be exchanged for something less bad. In democracy the voters are decision-makers and usually, it may be historical justice or poetic justice, they get what they deserve because they voted for it. Each system has its worshippers and when the system wins by a majority they automatically praise it as the best. But, in reality, the majority can be right and can be dead wrong. The same goes for the minority. Here are some quotes from a conversation I had with two people who are typical of people who vote and make our democracy function; two people who may be considered intelligent and rather cultivated, and this is what they had to say:

The first:
"Well, finally Bush was proved right. The majority won in Iraq; democracy triumphs!"
The second individual:
"Wars are not all bad; after all they control population explosions."

What is good, what is bad? Adorers of the Golden Calf of bigger numbers -- beware. It's a mirage. Whoever oppresses is bad, whether minority or majority. Brutal power oppresses, not necessarily linked to the crowd's number. The "good" or "bad" may come by unpredictable pathways. Samples of "bad" democracy: A majority democratically elected Hitler. A majority democratically elected the Ayatollah regime in Iran. A majority democratically elected Bush. Dictatorship that worked: Peter the Great, opened Russia by force to the light of modernism. Saddam Hussein was a mixed blessing in Iraq because on the one hand he put Iraq under his yoke and on the other hand he stopped religious wars and opened the gates to secularism and sunlight for women. He developed universities and technology and made Iraq a modern and developed country.

Thanks to Bush, theocratic Shiites now prepare themselves to smash the infidels and fifty percent of the population -- women, as well as intellectuals, philosophers, scientists, who would like to discuss other subjects than theology and live a secular lifestyle.

Regarding the war worshipper, he must know that after wars, the population explosion is usually as big or bigger than the number of victims. The only proven way to control population explosion is modern lifestyle. Couples usually have ambitions for a prosperous life where the number of children must, naturally, be controlled.

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