By William Markiewicz

It's interesting and annoying to see how people, trapped in their obsessions, enjoy hearing only their own voice. I ran into a guy who ended up by giving me a sermon on his infallible proofs of a Jewish conspiracy as illustrated by Jewish power in the USA and the Jewish oligarchy in Russia. I tried to give him my own version but he was drugged on his topic and his own voice and there was no way to stop the monologue. So, I profit from the generous freedom that Vagabond offers to present here the few words I wanted to contribute.

I propose two axioms: a) those who don't enjoy collective support grow like solitary fortresses. So, if you have a son who lacks parental support, he either perishes or grows smart and self-sufficient. b) One can enrich oneself individually, but to successfully fight for survival, only collectively. The Jews of importance, here or there, no matter how numerous they are, function well in their careers without being connected to each other through their Jewishness. The same thing applies to the Asians in their careers throughout the world. They may belong to various clubs which will take, not give, money to them. In a bag full of sand, even being close together, each grain remains individual. So why are they so successful? Precisely, because, lacking any common strategy connection, they've compensated by developing into 'individual fortresses.' Here comes also the downside of their story: They pay for their individual successes with a terrifying lack of collective strength. One should never sacrifice security. To survive, one has to build collective power before building individual wealth, otherwise survival will last as long as it lasts, but can't be taken for granted. I could never understand the Jewish and Gypsy blindness in this matter. The Jews, not knowing it, were always in greater danger than the Gypsies were because wealth not supported by strength makes the rich a too tempting target for those poorer, stronger and greedy. I repeat what I said on other occasions; we live in the Darwinian universe and who violates its rules pays for it with their lives.

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