By William Markiewicz

This afternoon I casually glanced at a TV program and went to something else because my first reaction was disdain. Only later it came to me that it ought to be responded to but I couldn't remember the name of the U.S. speaker who was interviewed, probably on BBC. He was an important White House official. Consulted on his opinion about the bombings in Madrid, he dismissed the idea that Spain's involvement in Iraq was the main reason. He just repeated Bush's old cliché that terrorism has nothing to do with politics but is a tactic of a Muslim fanatic plan to destroy our Western civilization.

False! False! Which "Muslims fanatics?" Nobody can seriously accuse the Muslim communities living in the West of committing terror. Of course there are some sympathizers or even activists among them, but definitely an insignificant minority. The Muslim fanatics, not interested in politics, live in their regions in the Orient, with no intention of going to the West. They don't care about the West, and if we didn't go to them, they wouldn't come to us. But we went to them first. We grabbed their oil, their land, and when they kick back we accuse them of being terrorists. Yes, the bombing in Madrid was retaliation for Spanish involvement in Iraq and the mythical 'shock of civilizations' doesn't exist. It is sand thrown in our eyes by politicians and their complacent PR agencies and media.

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