By William Markiewicz

I didn't join the countless speculations about the massacre of Shiites in Iraq and Pakistan because for me the questions largely outnumbered any possible explanations. We will never encapsulate the whole picture when the situation is chaotic. All we see is just more expressions of political banditry, bullyism, displays of power, more or less blind, emanating from all sides. The disaster's starting point is often small, with unpredictable consequences, like the fall of a small rock that starts an avalanche. Who would have anticipated that the local Likud-Palestinian conflict would ignite the world? The World Empire meddled in the local conflict as it had before in another local conflict, the Yugoslav one. Only this time the consequences were immeasurably greater for America because this meddling brought September 11th and, in reaction, America's mega-show of power. Thus a local problem exploded into a world problem starting with wars in Afghanistan and Iraq. The present monstrous sectarian terrorist reaction from the defeated side was inevitable. This latent Sunni-Shiite conflict had been controlled by Saddam Hussein's iron grip. Now, what we see is a Pandora's Box exploding in every unpredictable direction. Who has an interest in pulling Iraq apart? Americans? Perhaps. The enemies of Americans? Perhaps. Let's not forget that Islam is very complex, so many factions, each faction with its own faction. Each has its extremists and its moderates, with often very confusing goals. All that interests them is power and they have enough power to fight for it among themselves indefinitely. Terror will continue here and there just happy to exist, with no chance in sight of remaining purely local. It's impossible to make alliances as today's allies become tomorrow's enemies and vice versa. Blood and rubble can be exported anywhere; Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, U.S.A. ... Who can begin to untangle the swarm of snakes? Those who try become just a component of the swarm. The official goal is to create a modern society in Iraq, Afghanistan, etc. It is like building a house starting with the roof. The NWO, drunk with power and dreaming of final solutions of its own brand, has ignited the world deposit of "underground coal" of terrorism. No Guantanamos and no cluster bombs will soothe the smoldering underground coals. Abandoning those territories will, in the beginning, engender even more chaos, but finally it remains an unavoidable solution. Let the "coal strata" burn out toward natural exhaustion as should have been done from the start. The Yugoslav War would never have happened if the Serbs, Croats, Muslims had been left to resolve their problems among themselves. Keeping world peace is more important as a goal than, for instance, crushing a Saddam Hussein or Hamas or playing God over a small country like Yugoslavia.

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