By William Markiewicz

The dreams of global village, end of History, global peace . . . came to an abrupt end in the Twenty-first Century. The NWO makes our world look like one of those computer wargames. A designer could envision the cartoon-like universe of today: The Power, with poodles at its side, dominates countless herds. The Power subdivides the herds into three categories: 1) to be destroyed, 2) to be conquered, 3) to be bribed. There is not necessarily a clear-cut distinction among the three. We see now the huge number of armed forces gathered against the microbe -- Iraq. In reality those troops, supported by hints about nuclear and a "mother of all bombs", are sufficient to swamp the Asian continent. The Power can install heavily financed "opposition groups" anywhere to make changes according to the Power's whim. When things get messy because of too much internal opposition, The Power may enter physically "to maintain order" or, introducing some humor, "to bring freedom".

Is it possible to defend the world against a "New Dark Ages?" There is still resistance in Western Europe, in Russia, plus in several non-aligned countries. The Power hasn't yet tied all the knots so some hope still remains. If all those countries became sufficiently aware of the gravity of the situation, they might create an ad hoc pact or union among themselves and direct a solemn warning to the Power and its acolytes. Because there is still democracy in the USA, this could create the necessary cold shower for the American public. Maybe the people can still get rid of Power dreamers that nobody needs, not even themselves... There is not much time left. For the historians, the philosophers, a main question will remain to be delved into: how does it happen that the West, after getting rid of the religious, fascist and communist monsters, remained so unprepared for the hideous "democratic" NWO monster?...

I will not make extra comments when the invasion starts; all has been said already.

PS Europe may take advantage of the US Achilles heel and if the US attacks Iraq, Europe may enter -- Gaza?! But the US might like that. After all, that would ease the burden and the blackmail will seem a blessing . . .

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