By William Markiewicz

If to speak out serves for nothing neither is it useful to remain silent. I promised to stop writing my useless "I Accuse". I am indeed very frustrated and see little hope ahead. But silence is suffocating.

U.S. Secretary of Defense Rumsfeld promised an attack "on a scale and scope we have not yet seen" to ensure victory over the microbe -- Iraq. In plain English it means applying weapons of mass destruction. Only those who take themselves for Olympic gods can establish laws that don't apply to them.

A U.S. senator, or someone important enough to be interviewed on TV, declared that Iran should be next on the elimination list. "It's a shock of civilizations," he declared. It is not; it's a racial war with oil at stake.

The Gods (or Demons) Amuse Themselves

They turn everybody into buffoons. Their first buffoons were Hans Blix and his inspectors. Even before the inspectors began their search for phantom weapons, the Omnipotents knew that there was nothing to find and said "stop" whenever it suited them. Then they turned Saddam Hussein himself into a buffoon, ordering him, his sons, whoever, to leave Iraq, simultaneously announcing that they would invade anyway. So, what was the point? They turn the whole world into buffoons, tossing off those cynical meaningless statements. They don't need excuses for anything anymore.

The world's masses mount inoffensive demonstrations against the war. "World opinion" shows its strength only against the weak, designated scapegoats like the Serbs. Facing the mighty NWO, world opinion remains non-argumentative and, yes, scared. It's surprising and promises nothing good, as the NWO hasn't yet bared fangs toward its own citizens. So, what are they afraid of? Today's humanity at large has definitely lost a lot of their forefathers' vitality. Softened by excess of comfort? With my fellow herdsmen I witness how our beautiful planet becomes a playing field for the gangster games of those who grew too powerful for our good and their own good as well.

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