By William Markiewicz

When I was little I heard the story, probably Polish, about a man who had a big bear as a friend. Of course the man felt absolutely protected. Once, while out on a walk, they stopped on the road and the man fell asleep. A fly settled on the sleeping man's face. The bear, wanting to kill the fly, thoughtlessly lifted a huge stone and hit the man in the face. So 'sophisticated' is America's friendship with Israel.

French Radio Canada recently mentioned the rumour that the US, to fight against international terrorism, is ready to attack Syria, Jordan and Iran. It will go on and on. The US will hit the terrorist planet -- Earth -- with bombs to preserve Israeli settlements on the Gaza strip. Sound crazy? The leaders of the NWO have within themselves their own Ayatollah Khomeini and Osama bin Laden of Christian fundamentalism. They all want the Holy Land to be Jewish because of God's will. In this situation, of course, Israel will never negotiate, will never grant independence to Palestinians, will never give the Golan Heights back to Syria, will never care to be integrated in the Middle East. The U.S. leadership may change with time and Israel, as I mentioned before, may lose its privileged position. But it is not for tomorrow. Tomorrow, though, there may be other surprises for Israel: the Muslim world will not retaliate against the USA; too dangerous and they can only cause some damage. But terrorist action can annihilate Israel with one or more nuclear bombs. And after -- what? The US will continue punishing here and there and what will be left of Israel after this attack? Impossible to speculate.

Europe! Do you want to save Israel from itself and its American 'Bear' friendship? Don't wait any longer. Engage yourself actively on the side of peace. You can do it. America will not attack Europe. First of all the NWO, like all Shark Orders, attacks only the weaker. Second, no American will allow Europe to be attacked. Only Russia keep away! The U.S. will attack you. Russia is not considered a real part of Europe and Siberia and the Caucasus still have tempting loot. Facing a determined Europe, Israel will be reasonable and start discussions. Once the Palestinians are independent, once the Golan Heights goes back to Syria, terrorism will evaporate like a bad dream because -- what for? Remember in the time of the Rabin-Arafat idyll, before Rabin was killed by the Israeli 'taliban', the terrorist organizations had dried up in the face of the coming peace. The voice of reason, the power of reason will block fundamentalism on both sides, the British/Israeli/American and the Muslim one.

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