By William Markiewicz

Total power is inevitably a hatchery for ruthless bloody shark(s). Inevitably, because we all carry this bloody shark in us, fruit of the Darwinian natural universe. Democracy, like morality, keeps our natural shark tendency in check even better than morality because while morality remains a subject of individual interpretation, democracy, being more codified, doesn't allow much deviation from principle. The natural shark shows up in us without resistance from our sensitive soul if it's part of our, mostly professional, lifestyle.

As an example, I'll mention a judge; all I know about him is that he was a nice person, a kind husband and father, loyal friend. At lunch, he happily said: "Congratulate me! Today I got my head!" It was the head of a prisoner he had condemned to be guillotined. He couldn't understand the protests of his horrified commensals for whom he had spoiled the meal. For him, it had only been his duty to condemn the murderer, and if there is some sporting spirit of competition among judges, it shouldn't make too much difference. The shark is anybody whose social or professional duties give power to the extent of losing natural empathy. This judge joins the scientist who drowns dozens of caged rats at once after he finishes his tests (I've seen it many times), the butcher who kills hundreds per day, the SS man who sent thousands per day to their death (Goeth, the commandant of Plaszow Concentration Camp, was a jovial postman before the war) and others on Total Power's side. Therefore, to be protected from people like ourselves we must be legally protected from systems that thrive on an excess of power. "The herds" meaning the potential subjects of Total Power must forget all their political rivalries and unite to save old aunt Democracy as long as it is still possible. I have enough of sharks liberating the world, leaving liberated ashes and a reign of rats in their trail. In old pictures of the farmer with plow and horses, we see clouds of birds following, pecking at the worms in the furrow. A swarm of quislings and gangsters follows the trail of countries conquered and liberated by the sharks.

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