By William Markiewicz

This question makes me feel like a visitor to an alien planet that has a very strange notion of friendship. I simply don't understand how the U.S. extrapolates the notion of friendship into politics. I will give an example from daily life because if we look closely we can realize how small are the differences between personal, professional, social and political relationships. It's the scope that makes the difference.

In my opinion, and not only mine, America got involved in a personal war with Iraq. If rightly or wrongly (judged by many as wrongly) I became involved in some personal venture/adventure, would I require my friends to prove their friendship by blindly following me? No, we don't live like this. We don't involve our friends or even our families in our personal ventures/adventures. Usually, even among friends, all common initiatives have some mutual benefit; otherwise it would be one-sided exploitation. What can America offer Canada or other friends for getting involved in this adventure? Shares in Iraqi oil? To be mercenaries? Or just ask for a helping hand for a neighbour and friend in danger? That's how America presents it but -- it is simply not true! The majority thinks it's a war for profit and that's why so many oppose it. A friend who requires help under such conditions and threatens repercussions if refused, is no longer a friend but a blackmailer.

Many Arabic countries, crying with their blood, assist America's invasion of a brother country. Let's call things by their names and not fool others and ourselves with slogans of friendship and solidarity.

H.G. Wells once wrote a short story about a milky fog that invaded the whole planet and put humanity to sleep. On awakening they all were rejuvenated, purified, holders of new wisdom and joy of life. I feel as if we, on the contrary, have been invaded by an invisible fog that turns us stupid. Otherwise how could we so easily be led astray into such a completely distorted view of friendship and duty, and still take ourselves seriously?

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