By William Markiewicz

Once, in the home of a collector of paraphernalia, I found a book of History from a Nazi High School. The Punic Wars were presented as (it was longtime ago and my German is shaky): "Rome und Carthage, Kampf zweier Rassen" -- "Rome and Carthage, the fight of two races."

I don't remember which influential sources a few days ago promised that "the war on Iraq will change Middle East policy for many generations." What does it mean? We know that Iraq is meant to become "the West's platform for control of international terrorism". What the victors will really do is trigger terrorism by meddling in neighbouring countries' internal matters -- giving orders, intriguing and bribing. After they achieve what they have been cooking they'll retaliate, promptly striking "collateral" targets with their mega-bombs. They'll establish puppet governments of quislings and gangsters. Whole countries will become nests for crime, populated by self-destructive societies. Obedient Western PR media of course will know nothing about it and the Western societies will remain uninformed. For example, how much do we hear about the horror conditions in (quite neighboring) Latin American countries? -- Only when some "red" priest or bishop got killed, only when street children were hunted like rats, then, sporadically, we hear something. We know even less about whatever happens in "liberated" Asia.

Good bye, and for a longtime, to dreams of open planet, global village, world peace! And how happy will be those "sanitized" Western societies, enclosed within themselves? Their universe will be boring and destructive; a universe of destroyed philosophical objectivity. Those societies' intelligence will be artificially retarded, but they'll be obedient.

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