By William Markiewicz

An Israeli general declared, "Whoever can take more punishment will be the winner." He is wrong. The Palestinian population could not be more terrorized that it is already, nor the Palestinian Authority more helpless. Still Israel doesn't seem to be winning. Terrorists don't care about Arafat's fate, they don't distinguish the Palestinian population's suffering from their own, and their own endurance is limitless.

Israel's security should be its own responsibility. Israel must fight terror on Israeli territory. There is no other choice even if it seems next to impossible. As everybody knows, striking the Palestinian territory only fuels the terror. Israel is wrong to imitate its mighty buddy USA by attacking the enemy 'at the source.' The U.S. can take unlimited punishment because, contrary to Israel, terror is for the U.S. a minor issue, a fašade for other agendas. If the U.S. were really willing to stop terror it would take a tougher attitude toward Sharon.

Once Israel behaves, the danger of terror against the U.S. will stop automatically. For Israel it will last longer, until the load of hatred diminishes. It isn't the time to regret the good old days when everybody wanted peace, with Hamas almost collapsed. All this ended when the Israeli Taliban killed Rabin. The murderer declared, "I shot him to stop the peace plan." He succeeded beyond his wildest expectations.

Regarding Mugabe, he doesn't even think about his country's future. The expropriation of white farms is only as a demagogical step with no economic or political benefits, on the contrary. All Mugabe really wants is to hold power at the cost of his nation, in the tradition of classical banana republics.

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