By William Markiewicz

The recent massacres in India only confirm again and again that the utopia of Gandhi, King Alexander of Yugoslavia, Tito, the NWO mystifiers, remains nothing but a utopia that consumes the lives of innocents. People of different ethnies, cultures, etc. could remain good neighbours (if of equal strength) but never as a mixed crowd living together. As I've mentioned in Vagabond before, only in countries based essentially on immigrants do people live peacefully together -- as long as it lasts. There is no certitude for the future if, for instance, the economic situation deteriorates. As far as I know Belgrade is the only city in the Balkans with a multi-ethnic population. Nobody remarks it and gives them an accolade; on the contrary, the Serbs are the only ones designated "Nazi nation." 'Injustice' is too weak a word for it.

The present political reality has its legal basis in the decisions taken by past ruling dynasties. In modern times, for instance in Africa, Latin America, former ruling empires drew frontiers that separate nations and families. These old traditions make no sense today; on the contrary, they are our shackles. The new legality should consider reality based on differences among nations, peoples, and tribes. In the Darwinian universe those differences will rule forever. Only the upper classes mix easily; for them, intellectual and (yes) material interests prime everything else. For them it has always been so but they will always be a minority therefor it isn't their role to serve as model for the universe.

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