By William Markiewicz

Israel must understand that to survive, it must make peace not with Arafat but with the terrorists.

The U.S. wants neither Arafat nor Israel. Europe won't lift one little finger for peace. To survive, Israel must quickly shift its priorities and acknowledge the mirage of its alliances with the West.

How to make peace with those who don't want it, who cannot be beaten, and who use their own death to kill the enemy? You don't make a formal peace but you can take the right steps. Israel must make a surprising move by openly recognizing the bravery linked to kamikaze actions. You don't make peace if you don't recognize who your adversaries are.

Next, Israel must quickly abandon all the territories inhabited by the uncontrollable Arab population, with no conditions linked to it. They must have their freedom like everybody else, meaning no bargaining. Israel must assume responsibility for its security within its own territories and its frontiers. No foreign policeman like Arafat can be responsible for Israel's security. The results won't be seen right away; terrorism can't be stopped abruptly but it can be slowly choked by removing its main causes. So, the slow road toward peace will still be marked with Israeli victims of kamikaze. All this, thanks to the Israeli Taliban who killed Rabin.

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