OPEN BOUQUET (March-April)

By William Markiewicz

(As other short items may follow, I've decided to group them together.)

Venezuela (4/14)

Will Chavez's return be equivalent to the hundred days of Napoleon? Will he last that long?

Present Wars Are Mostly Directed Against Civilians (4/14)

Collateral damages broke Serbian resistance, put Afghanistan under occupation, and in the Israeli-Palestinian war both sides directly hit the civilian populations, trying to break the nation's spirit. It's a return to the European warlords' tactics when they skirmished among themselves ("if you kill my peasants, my Gypsies, my Jews, I'll kill your peasants, your Gypsies, your Jews" -- the Gypsies were craftsmen and musicians on the landlords estates). Today, when the powerful act in this way, it's a fight against terrorism, if the weak do it, it's terrorism.

As chances are that nobody will intervene and both sides are convinced that their respective populations can endure more, the situation will continue as a stale war game.

If only the settlers would go away, peace would appear in record time. The Israelis would willingly leave the heavily populated Arab territories to the Palestinians. The only thing the Israelis really understand is that those populations cannot live together. The settlers came with the absurd conviction that they could stay and expand on Palestinian territory while keeping the locals at a respectful distance.

King Dagobert - Bush - Blair (4/07)

Eighteenth century song about King Dagobert of the 7th century:

Le bon roi Dagobert
Voulait conquérir l'univers;
Le grand saint Eloi
Lui dit : Ô mon roi!
Voyager si loin
Donne du tintoin.
C'est vrai, lui dit le roi,
Il vaudrait mieux rester chez soi.

(Good King Dagobert -- wanted to conquer the universe; -- the great Saint Eloi -- told him: O my king! -- to travel so far -- gives trouble. -- It's true, replied the king, -- Better to stay at home.)

Where is Saint Eloi of today for Bush and Blair?!...

Invoice to Arafat (4/04)

I was quite surprised seeing the invoice sent by the "Martyres"(!) to Arafat's office requesting payment for the kamikaze bombs. I haven't read much about it since, so I wonder how seriously this information is taken. I have the following objections:

(1) Why does this Arabic document have a title in English, and in bad English besides?
(2) Those who head an organization of those who go to die issue a very bureaucratic document with all the required calligraphy and stamps. It is banalization of the sacrifice like the bad English in the headline labels them illiterate. And why do they need English for their own use anyway?
(3) They have all the money they need everywhere; in Switzerland, the U.S., the Arab world and they send an invoice to banker Arafat! It's an insult to anybody's intelligence.

And they were so eager to intervene in the Balkans ... (3/30)

The West just waits as the Israelis and Palestinians massacre each other and bet on who can take more.

The "UN?" Let's not talk about it!

Imperialism "needed" (3/29)

Excerpt from an article by By Bob Roberts Political Correspondent for the


A SENIOR aide to Tony Blair yesterday called for a return to colonialism.
Foreign affairs adviser Robert Cooper said: "What is needed is a new kind of imperialism.
"The opportunities, perhaps even the need for colonisation, is as great as it ever was in the 19th century."

After centuries of humanistic development we are now heading toward unprecedented cynicism. So, certain colonialism is good, lying to everybody may be good, soon we may learn that extermination of certain races is good (if they are weak enough, of course, to let it happen). No need for negotiations anymore, the NWO means open manipulation of everybody and everything from genome to nations and planet.

The NWO learned nothing from the centuries of the people's fight for freedom. Power has blurred their sight.

Sinister Siren's Song (3/14)

At yesterday's press conference, Bush declared to the hypnotized world that Saddam Hussein is ready to risk the life of his people to inflict harm on America, and the world believes Bush that Hussein is crazy. He is not. He knows what all fighters know, that if you can't knock out your adversary with the first hit, don't start because the next corpse will be yours.

If Saddam loves gratuitous gestures so much, why hasn't he attacked Israel? Is he more afraid of Israel than America?

The Norwegians are a small population and possess one of the richest oil fields in the world. Nevertheless two points protect them: (1) They are Europeans. (2) They are blonde & blue eyed. Thus they don't risk being put on the terrorist list soon.

The Bull Usually Loses (3/09)

The war will not stop until the Israeli settlers quit the territory they grabbed from Palestinians. Even afterwards the Kamikaze momentum will last for awhile, fuelled by hatred. The Kamikaze exult in the sinister game of revenge and counter-revenge and it's unlikely they'll be the first to tire of it. When hatred reaches a peak where it surpasses fear of death, you cannot beat them unless you totally destroy them, which is impossible. The bull Sharon doesn't know it when he furiously charges the toreador's red cape, soaked in blood.

Putting Brakes on Terror? (3/04)

"Israel: We'll 'put the brakes on terror'", reads the headline in today's TORONTO STAR. Did Sharon forget the lesson from his guru Begin, that terror works?

Israel cannot coexist with terror. The US cannot put brakes on terror but it can live with terror as a painful investment in an otherwise lucrative big business -- oil, etc. Empires knew this form of investment throughout the centuries, Spartacus, Vercingetorix would be "terrorists" for the Romans, if they had known the term. Probably the U.S. is well aware that the pursuit of terrorism is a mirage. Terror is a form of action not some demonic ideology rooted in sinful states ("axis of evil"). Any kid anywhere can wake up one morning as a potential terrorist, act by himself or contact somebody who will use him or her, and the NWO will not put telepathic sentinels beside each youth on the planet.

Heavily Loaded Momentum (3/01)

Toward what are we heading? An orchestrated campaign against Iraq roars like a tornado. Milosevic is accused and judged by militants who de facto continue war against Yugoslavia. In this trial no bona fide testimonies have yet appeared, in flagrant contrast with the Nuremberg trial. Al Qaeda prisoners remain confined indefinitely without charges and without rights. Sixty years ago such captivity was called a concentration camp. Public opinion watches blankly.

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